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Saturday 5/29: From Colombia to Palestine: Abolish State Terror
Angela | indybay.org | 2021-05-28
Pan Pacific Park, Los Angeles, CA…

Israel Rejects U.S. Decision To Re-Open Consulate In East Jerusalem
Anonymous007 | southfront.org | 2021-05-28
Click to see full-size image | On May 27th, Israeli authorities rejected the US plan to reopen its consulate in East Jerusalem, local media reported. | Israel's Ambassador in Washington, Gilad Erdan, said that the government firmly opposes the move to reopen the consulate catering for the Palestinians within what he described as Israel's "sovereign territory". | According to the Jerusalem Post, the issue was raised during Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's meeting with US Secretary of State Antony Blink…

Headlines for May 28, 2021
Staff | democracynow.org | 2021-05-28
U.N. Human Rights Chief Says Israel May Have Committed War Crimes in Gaza, African Nations Need 20 Million AstraZeneca Doses Within Weeks to Complete Vaccinations , Public Citizen Says a $25 Billion Investment Could Vaccinate the World, Senate GOP Ready to Filibuster Commission on January 6 Insurrection , Biden Reportedly Offered Japan Ambassadorship to Former Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Amazon Announces Deal to Acquire MGM Studios; WarnerMedia to Merge with Discovery , Elizabeth Warren Grills Bank CEOs for Preying on Customers During Pandemic, San Jose Gunman Expressed Hate for Co-Workers for Years, Had History…

'1619 Project': Progressive educators oppose reactionary legislation
| workers.org | 2021-05-28
By Andy Terhune Right-wing lawmakers in 15 states are passing legislation that will require public school teachers to teach a nationalist narrative of history, which ignores the genocidal, racist, sexist, anti-immigrant and oppressive history of the United States. Specific legislation differs among the 15 states, but they all include a . . . | Continue reading '1619 Project': Progressive educators oppose reactionary legislation at Workers.org…

'1619 Project': Progressive educators oppose reactionary curriculum
| workers.org | 2021-05-28
By Andy Terhune Right-wing lawmakers in 15 states are passing legislation that will require public school teachers to teach a nationalist narrative of history, which ignores the genocidal, racist, sexist, anti-immigrant and oppressive history of the United States. Specific legislation differs among the 15 states, but they all include a . . . | Continue reading '1619 Project': Progressive educators oppose reactionary curriculum at Workers.org…

Israeli Bombs Killed 66 Kids in Gaza Including 12 Who Were Getting Help for Trauma from Past Attacks
Staff | democracynow.org | 2021-05-28
As the United Nations human rights chief warns Israel may have committed war crimes in Gaza, we look at how Israel killed 12 Palestinian children being treated for trauma from past Israeli bombings. Jan Egeland, secretary general of the Norwegian Refugee Council, says Gaza has become "the home of hopelessness," particularly for young people in the besieged territory. "We humanitarian workers are sick and tired of building and rebuilding and see it all torn down again," Egeland says of Israel's repeated attacks on Gaza. "We are accumulating rubble, we're accumulating dead children, and we're accumulating hopelessn…

Biden's Eloquence About George Floyd Is Likely to Soon Ring Hollow
Norman Solomon | indybay.org | 2021-05-28
Black Lives Matter can't just be a slogan…

Irish Parliament first in EU to Condemn Creeping Israeli "Annexation" of Palestinian West Bank
Juan Cole | juancole.com | 2021-05-28
Ann Arbor (Informed Comment) — Kerry O'Shea at the Irish Examiner reports that the Irish Dail (parliament) on Wednesday night passed a resolution accusing Israel of having committed the crime of "annexing" the Palestinian territories. Ireland is the first European Union state to make such a declaration. The motion also condemned Hamas for indiscriminately firing …

UN to probe Israeli repression against Palestinians as a whole
Maureen Clare Murphy | electronicintifada.net | 2021-05-28
Not a single EU state voted in favor of the resolution.

Palestine's Moment: Despite Massive Losses, Palestinians Have Altered the Course of History
Ramzy Baroud | counterpunch.org | 2021-05-28
The 'Palestinian Revolt of 2021' will go down in history as one of the most influential events that irreversibly shaped collective thinking in and around Palestine. Only two other events can be compared with what has just transpired in Palestine: the revolt of 1936 and the First Intifada of 1987. The general strike and rebellion…

What Must be Done to Really Stop Child Killing: Israel et al
Judith Deutsch | counterpunch.org | 2021-05-28
"Why would you just send a missile to them and kill them?" a 10 year old girl in Gaza 2021 Massacre — 67 Gazan children killed and 2 Israeli children. 2014 Massacre — 582 Gazan children killed and 1 Israeli child. [1] 2009 Massacre 345 Palestinian children, 0 Israeli. 2006 Massacre — high accuracy missiles…

PODCAST: BDS and the Battle for Free Speech
Liberation Staff | liberationnews.org | 2021-05-28
Journalist Abby Martin, the Partnership for Civil Justice Fund (PCJF), and CAIR won a major victory for free speech and the right to protest in solidarity with Palestine in a May 24 federal court ruling.

BLM: American Revolution Spreads Around the Globe
WillOfMany | indybay.org | 2021-05-28
The world changed not only because of COVID-19 pandemic beyond 2020. Political and economic crisis has led to growing of various protest movements. The widest and most active emerged in the USA. The Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement gained the largest extent. It demands from the American government not even reforms but revolutionary changes in the national social political course concerning people of color.

Cops and colonizers out of LGBTQ+ Pride! Statement of LGBTQ+ Caucus of Workers World Party
| workers.org | 2021-05-28
As we head into Pride month 2021 — after more than a year of being locked down due to the COVID-19 pandemic — we are still plagued by twin epidemics of rampant racist police terror against the Black and Brown communities and U.S.-armed Israeli bombings and murder of Palestinian people . . . | Continue reading Cops and colonizers out of LGBTQ+ Pride! Statement of LGBTQ+ Caucus of Workers World Party at Workers.org…

'This Is the Price of War': Israeli Newspaper Publishes Photos of All 67 Palestinian Children Killed in Gaza Onslaught
Julia Conley | globalresearch.ca | 2021-05-28
Human rights advocates …

What Does It Mean to be a Woman, a Mother and a Grandmother in Gaza?
Andaleeb Adwan | counterpunch.org | 2021-05-28
Don't think that I'm addressing this to both genders out of concern for gender equality or to ensure gender-sensitive language. No. I want each of you, man or woman — those that God placed outside of Gaza, whether you're Palestinian or not — to try to seriously imagine yourselves in Gaza now, even for just…

On the picketline
Marie Kelly | workers.org | 2021-05-28
Labor solidarity with Palestine On May 18, a general strike of Palestinian workers was held to protest the killing of civilians in Gaza, the displacement of Palestinians from their homes in Jerusalem's Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood and the attacks on Al-Aqsa Mosque by Israeli Defense Forces. The strike helped to pressure . . . | Continue reading On the picketline at Workers.org…

"Israel Must End the Siege of Gaza"
Jeremy Corbyn | zcomm.org | 2021-05-28
Interview on the fight for a Palestine free from occupation and why the Biden administration needs to end its military support for Israel…

Roaming Charges: Back to the Future in Gaza
Jeffrey St. Clair | counterpunch.org | 2021-05-28
It's been said many times but unfortunately can't be said often enough that the conflation of criticism of Israeli atrocities with anti-semitism is a deliberate tactic even though it demeans the toxicity of real anti-semitism. You almost get the sense that if anti-semitism didn't exist, it would serve Israel's strategic interest to bomb it into being, as a kind of permanent shield against popular outrage over its human rights crimes.

Palestinian Nurse: We've Been Occupied for 73 Years. A Ceasefire Is Not Enough
Staff | truthout.org | 2021-05-28
Left Voice interviewed Mohammad Samara, a nurse from the West Bank, during the increased assault on Palestinian people and their land. We spoke about his experience seeing the disparities in healthcare and the recent strike on May 18. | Thanks a lot for being willing to do this interview with us, it means a lot. Could you start by telling us your name, where you live and what you do for work? | My name is Mohammed Samara, and I live in Nablus in Palestine. I work at Refugee Surgical Hospital P…

May 29, Washington DC: National March for Palestine endorsed by 100+ organizations #March4Palestine
Staff | samidoun.net | 2021-05-28
Saturday, May 29 3 pm — 8 pm Lincoln Memorial Washington, DC Info page: www.ampalestine.org/NationalMarch Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network is honoured to join American Muslims for Palestine and over 100 organizations nationwide to march on Washington on Saturday, May 29 and demand to #SanctionIsrael. As the call to the rally notes: "We need to go big and bold right now for Palestinian liberation now that a ceasefire has gone into effect. No return to the status quo. It is time for Israeli settler-colonialism, ethnic cleansing, apartheid, military occupation, and blockade to be dismant…

29 May, Paris: Advance premier of "Fedayin: The Struggle of Georges Abdallah"
Staff | samidoun.net | 2021-05-28
The documentary film Fedayin, the Struggle of Georges Abdallah will be screened in preview on Saturday, May 29 at 6 p.m. at the Luminor cinema in Paris as part of the Festival Ciné-Palestine and with the participation of the Unitary Campaign for the Liberation of Georges Abdallah . Tickets for the screening are already sold out! However, you can catch other events of the Festival — see the schedule and more info on Facebook: www.facebook.com/FestivalCinePalestine/ Fedayin, the Struggle of Georges Abdallah retraces the course of an indefatigable Arab communist and fighter for Palestine. From the Pales…

May 28, NYC: CUNY Must Divest! Rally and Press Conference for Palestine
Staff | samidoun.net | 2021-05-28
Friday, 28 May 3: 00 pm John Jay College 524 W 59th St New York City Facebook: www.facebook.com/events/2951785921811362… This event will publicize the CUNY Statement for Palestine and then march to CUNY offices. See latest statement updates at the link. CUNY Community Statement of Solidarity with the Palestinian People [To add your name, please click here or email cuny.solidarity.letter@gmail.com] We, members of the City University of New York community, stand in solidarity with the people of Palestine resisting the violence and oppression of Israeli settler colonial and apartheid rule. We condemn the brut…

UN Human Rights Council forms commission to probe rights violations in Palestine; Israel won't cooperate
Peoples Dispatch | peoplesdispatch.org | 2021-05-28
The commission will investigate violations of all humanitarian and human rights laws in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem, and in Israel over the past two months…

Free Palestine! End all U.S. aid to Israel!
Party for Socialism, Liberation | liberationnews.org | 2021-05-28
The Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL) joins with people from across the country who are marching and rallying in solidarity with the the Palestinian people in their heroic struggle for self-determination, liberation and the right of return. Over the past three weeks, millions have taken to the streets in cities and towns across the …

America's New Generation of Pro-Palestinian Voices
Julian Borger | zcomm.org | 2021-05-28
The conversation has to change before the policy can change. And right now we are seeing a radical change in the conversation surrounding Palestine."

Friday 5/28: Vigil for Palestine
Angela | indybay.org | 2021-05-28
Liberty Bell (1415 Truxtun Ave, Bakersfield, CA)…

Wednesday 5/26: San Diego Rally for Palestine
Angela | indybay.org | 2021-05-28
Federal Building, 880 Front St, San Diego…

Wednesday 5/26: Making Sense of Palestine Today: A Panel (Part 1 of 3)
Angela | indybay.org | 2021-05-28

'Any Attacks on al-Quds Means Regional War'
Editor2 | orinocotribune.com | 2021-05-28
Hezbollah's secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah gave a televised speech to commemorate the 21st anniversary of the liberation of South Lebanon from the Israeli occupation, arguing any aggression against Jerusalem al-Quds or its holy sites would mean regional war. | preview.presstv.com/ptv///newsroom/20210… | May 25th 2000 represents, as Sayyed Nasrallah n…

Trial of army officer Franco A. sheds light on fascist network in German state apparatus
wsws.org | 2021-05-28
The Federal Prosecutor's Office accuses Franco A. of preparing a "serious crime endangering the state," using a fake refugee identity, and planning terrorist attacks on politicians and public institutions to "change political conditions in the Federal Republic of Germany in line with his right-wing extremist ideas."

How American Support for Israel Erases Palestinian Identity
Dorgham Abusalim | globalresearch.ca | 2021-05-28
News of a …

Once more on the issue of anti-Semitism in Germany
wsws.org | 2021-05-28
The millions in Germany and around the world, including many Jewish workers and young people, who are horrified by the murderous wars pursued by Israel and its imperialist backers and protest against this, are not anti-Semites.

Sherry Buchanan:The Women Warriors Who Stopped the U.S. Genocide in Vietnam
Moderator | scheerpost.com | 2021-05-28
Photo courtesy of Sherry Buchanan] Click to subscribe on: Apple / Spotify / Google Play The Vietnam War–or, as it is more accurately called in Vietnam, the American War–has become an inextricable and tragic part of the fabric of both Vietnamese and American society. America's Cold War intervention in the Asian country was as much an act of neocolonialism as it was a consequence of the country's… | Source…

Israel attacks, kills children amid broad crackdown
Tamara Nassar | electronicintifada.net | 2021-05-28
Killing of 17-year-old may amount to extrajudicial execution.

‚ÄãWe keep us safe: the transformative justice movement
Joris Leverink | roarmag.org | 2021-05-28
Protesters at a Black Lives Matter rally near Washington D.C., US — June 6, 2020. Photo: Johnny Silvercloud / Shutterstock.com | This essay was produced in collaboration with the Resistance Studies Initiative. | In the early days of the Black Lives Matter uprisings, the sight of Minneapolis' Third Precinct police station in flames was something many had never before imagined.

The City of Cambridge Just Had Its Charlottesville Moment
Lana Habash, Noah Cohen | counterpunch.org | 2021-05-28
People across the US political spectrum reacted in horror at Donald Trump's comments on white supremacist violence in Charlottesville: "We condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides, on many sides" Trump only dug the hole deeper when he explicitly condemned the KKK and neo-Nazis, but…

George Floyd's Death, The Working Class & Capitalism With IBT808 Pres Chris Silvera
Labor Video Project | indybay.org | 2021-05-28
Chris Silvera, the president of IBT Local 808 talks about racism and the continuing murders one year after the death of George Floyd. He also discusses the failure of the national unions to stand up to the racists, sexist and xenophobic attacks of former president Trump.

2021 Stockton Juneteenth Historic Waterfront District
Khubaka, Michael Harris | indybay.org | 2021-05-28
Generations of enslavement and affliction, chattel slavery and horrors of captive bondage ended after the bloody battles of the US Civil War where over 700,000 white men Confederate and Union soldiers, died on and off the battlefield to secure the hard fought freedoms we enjoy today. Vestiges of post traumatic episodes on all fronts continues today and May is Mental Health Month to help end the stigma of getting help.

Saturday 5/29: From Colombia to Palestine: Abolish State Terror
Angela | indybay.org | 2021-05-27
Pan Pacific Park, Los Angeles, CA…

March of Solidarity with Palestine in Caracas (+ Photos)
Staff | orinocotribune.com | 2021-05-27
Hundreds of Venezuelans mobilized in Caracas this Tuesday, May 25, in a show of solidarity with the Palestinian people and denouncing the 11 days of criminal aggression and bombardment of Gaza by Israel. The march started from Plaza El Indio in Chacao, east of Caracas, and ended at the headquarters of the United Nations (UN), in Torre Parque el àÅvila. | The United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) delivered to the UN a statement in support of Palestine, stating that both "the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and the PSUV express their strong rejection and condemnation against the acts of extermination ca…

Biden's Eloquence About George Floyd Is Likely to Soon Ring Hollow
Norman Solomon | indybay.org | 2021-05-27
Black Lives Matter can't just be a slogan…

Spain Receives Venezuela's Formal Request for Leopoldo López Extradition (+ Orlando Figuera Case)
Staff | orinocotribune.com | 2021-05-27
Spain's Minister for Foreign Affairs, EU and Cooperation, Arancha González Laya, confirmed that Spain has already received the formal request for the extradition of the Venezuelan fugitive from justice, Leopoldo López. | Without providing any further explanation regarding the expected response to the request, the Spanish minister stated that they would "follow the procedure as usual," Europa Press agency reported. | On May 11, the Venezuelan Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) authorized a request to be issued to the government of Spain for the extradition of the ultra-rightist and opposition leader Leopoldo López Men…

Gaza resistance: beginning of the end for apartheid Israel?
Anya Parampil | thegrayzone.com | 2021-05-27
Red Lines host Anya Parampil speaks with Beirut-based journalist Laith Marouf about what Israel's latest war on Gaza means for Palestinian resistance. Marouf analyzes the new military capacity demonstrated by Hamas during the war and examines how the region might respond to Israeli aggression in the future. He also provides context on the political failures of the Palestinian Authority in The West Bank to respond to the needs and desires of the Palestinian people.

On the Ethics of Non-Palestinians Promoting Nonviolence
Benay Blend | orinocotribune.com | 2021-05-27
By Benay Blend — May 24, 2021 | In "The Violence Debate: Teaching the Oppressed how to Fight Oppression" (2010), Ramzy Baroud explains that for "progressive and Leftist media and audiences, stories praising non-violence" are preferred, for they invoke a strategy acceptable to liberals in the West. At no other time, perhaps, than the present has there been so much condemnation of the victims for their resistance. | "Whether in subtle or overt ways," Baroud continues, "armed resistance in Pales…

Palestine's Moment: Despite Massive Losses, Palestinians Have Altered the Course of History
Ramzy Baroud | dissidentvoice.org | 2021-05-27
The 'Palestinian Revolt of 2021' will go down in history as one of the most influential events that irreversibly shaped collective thinking in and around Palestine. Only two other events can be compared with what has just transpired in Palestine: the revolt of 1936 and the First Intifada of 1987. The general strike and rebellion of 1936-39 …

Despite massive losses, the Palestinians have altered the course of history
Ramzy Baroud | zcomm.org | 2021-05-27
The Palestinians won because, once more, they emerged from the rubble of Israeli bombs as a whole, a nation determined to win its freedom at any cost…

WHA Approves Resolution on Health Conditions in Palestine
telesurenglish.net | 2021-05-27
The World Health Assembly (WHA) on Wednesday approved a draft resolution on health conditions in the occupied Palestinian territory, including east Jerusalem, and in the occupied Syrian Golan Heights. | RELATED: | European Humanitarian Aid to Palestine To Reach $42 Million | The resolution was submitted by countries such as Turkey, Egypt, Iraq, Kuwait, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, and Syria, according to the decision made last year in the WHA, which is the highest decision-making body…

Israel, US and UK vote against World Health Assembly decision to improve health facilities in Palestine
Peoples Dispatch | peoplesdispatch.org | 2021-05-27
The draft decision that was critical of continuing Israeli occupation was adopted after a heated debate. While a majority of countries supported it, Israel was joined by the US, UK, Canada and Germany, among others who alleged it to be "political" in nature…

In the News: From the USA to Gaza: The New Global Movement Against Racism & Repression
The Socialist Program | liberationnews.org | 2021-05-27
The panel discusses the one year anniversary of the murder of George Floyd, the Palestinian people's continuing resistance after 11 days of massacres by Israeli forces, and how the mass movements that developed around the issues of racist police violence and the oppression of Palestinians have changed the world.

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